The Perfect Pizza Gifts to Say I Love You, Too

Valentine’s Day is just a few short hours away and it’s not too late to get that special someone something to let them know that you love them almost as much as you love pizza. Don’t fret, you have plenty of time to scoop up something to let them know how much you love pizza—after all, everyday is Valentine’s [Pizza] Day! Check out this list of must-haves for all lovers of pizza.


Pizza Socks
Nothing says I love you more than a pair of socks demanding some more pizza. Slip these on your feet and let your love do all the work.  Available on Etsy $10.99

Pizza Night Light
The slice that will last almost forever—or until the bulb burns out. Dimly light up your romantic bedroom with this snazzy pizza night light. NY-style is sexiest at night! Available on Kikkerland $6

The Pizza Slut Mug
If your love eats pizza more than once a week, give them a mug that will expose their superpower while they slave away at work moving decimals, writing employee reviews and daydreaming about pizza. Available on Etsy $10.30

Scott’s Pizza Tours
Nothing says true love more than taking your sweetie on a trip to NYC to learn everything about the evolution of pizza and beyond. Unlike any other pizza tour, this is the cheesiest experience that will forever change yours and your love’s love for pizza. Added bonus, Scott is certified to marry pizza lovers should you want to elope after the first slice! Available on $40 + airfare


Vegetarian-Friendly Pizza Candle
Don’t be fooled by the pepperoni seen on the candle, this romantic pizza scent is 100% made from soy and won’t offend the vegetarian love in your life. Available on Etsy $8.50

The Whole Damn Pie Blanket

Whether you live in NYC, Austin or Naples… you will need something to snuggle at the end of a pizza date. This pizza blanket from Lolli is perfect to keep both sets of buns warm. Available on Lolli $25

Spicy 8-Bit Pillow
Spice up your pizza love nest with this crustastic pixel pillow. While the cheese appears to be dripping, don’t worry, it won’t stain your couch. Available on Rebubble $19.17

True Love Pin
Far cheaper than a diamond ring, this pin says everything you will ever need to say to your love… about what your true love is. Available on Etsy $10

Pizza School
Tired of frozen pizza? The next best thing after going on Scott’s Pizza Tours is going to a pizza school. Book both in the same trip and spend 4+ hours learning how to make dough from scratch, top pizza like a pro and throw down slices you only dream of at Pizza A Casa in NYC. Available on

Pizza Bible

The only bible I read is my pizza bible. The Pizza Bible is the epic guide to making pizza, covering nine different regional styles (yes there are 9!) from chef and friend, 11-time world Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani. Added bonus, fly your pizza love out to San Francisco to visit Tony’s and have Tony toss in some pepperoni and Provel cheese between chapters 3 and 4! Available on Amazon $21.54


Miriam Weiskind is a professional pizza enthusiast & tour guide for Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC educating, writing about and tasting pizza all around NYC and beyond!

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