The Only Pizza Slicer You Will Ever Need

Owning a pizza slicer is important for anyone who eats pizza; owning a pizza slicer the size of a business card and that can fit in your wallet at all times, is essential for all pizza lovers.

I was gifted this slicer by a friend and it might quite possibly be the most useful thing I’ve ever been given. It is notably smaller than everything I carry on the go and I am able to slip it into the back of my wallet with ease. With so many pizza slicers to pick from, it’s not about size or price, but practicality and how magically it can slice your pizza.


The most adorable pizza slicer

Here are 5 reasons you need to invest in this snazzy slicer:

  1. It fits into your wallet.
    I keep mine in the pocket behind my bills.
  2. It is the size of a business card.
    Nothing impresses people in a business pizza meeting more than whipping this out to slice the pie down smaller.
  3. It is affordable.
    Unlike the traditional Ferrari of pizza slicers, this one comes in at only $8.99, it costs less than a whole pizza pie!
  4. It is easy to clean on the go.
    Just add some water to your napkin and you can wipe it clean in just under 30 seconds. Be sure to soap it when you get home ; )
  5. It requires less arm swing and strength to slice with.
    With less handle to hold, you have to use firm grip and use less arm swing when slicing. Never fear breaking a sweat at the table again!

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Miriam Weiskind is a professional pizza enthusiast & tour guide for Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC educating, writing about and tasting pizza all around NYC and beyond!

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