Look No Further: Where to Eat Pizza

Navigating the world of pizza is a daunting, cheesy task. Thanks to pizza enthusiast, Daniel Young, pizza lovers all around the world need not browse the internet any longer—or perhaps, ever again. Where to Eat Pizza, is the holy bible of pizzeria resources.

Through extensive research, polling over 1,000 pizza experts around the world and consuming many slices himself, Young compiled this absolute masterpiece. With over 600 pages, pizzerias in every corner of the world are profiled in this book by pizza experts giving their top nods to the pizzerias that ring truest to their hearts. The single best way to find that perfect next slice is to get the inside scoop from those who know the slice best. It was a true honor to have been included in this book, below are my four picks from Ohio and New York City.


Adriatico’s Pizza

Adriatico’s Pizza
My absolute top pick hails from none other than Ohio. Adriatico’s is located in both Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio. While they bill themselves as a “NY-style slice.”… any New Yorker will tell you that between the cheese blend and crust thickness, it’s a “nice effort” but a unique child of its own and far from being NY-style. Pro Tip: Don’t leave without trying their plain breadsticks and pizza sauce which happens to pack some heat!


Marion’s Pizza

Marion’s Pizza
The quintessential tavern-style pizza, Marion’s has been serving up these adorable, tiny squares of pizza since 1965. Most people tend to fight for the crispy corner pieces because they boast decadent caramelized cheese! Pro Tip: you can request your pizza to be baked in their original ovens which yield a more well done pie with a more moist center.


Keste Pizza

Kesté Pizza & Vino
One of New York City’s finest Neapolitan pizzerias, for any true pizza lover, Kesté is the pizzeria to begin your pizza journey when coming to NYC because it represents the birth of pizza in Naples. The name does mean “this is it,” so need you look further? Owner and master pizziolo Roberto Caporuscio brings Naples to New York—and you won’t be disappointed. Pro Tip: Save room for their Nutella Pizza and take the leftovers home to pair with your morning coffee and pizza hangover.



One of Brooklyn’s most humble pizzerias, I selected Emily because this wood-fired pizza pushes pizza lovers out of their comfort zones with seasonal pizzas that could frighten and chain pizza eater—that’s ok, more pizza for the rest of us! Owned by Emily and Matt Hyland, Emily is the masterpiece of many years of Hyland’s baking experience and passion for creating something truly special. Pro Tip: Check out their Emmy Burger and dice it up in 4’s for an appetizer.

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Miriam Weiskind is a professional pizza enthusiast & tour guide for Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC educating, writing about and tasting pizza all around NYC and beyond!

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