Hello Mr. Fiddlehead

It’s rare that a pizza makes me blush, but when fiddleheads land on it, it’s a sure thing. A very seasonal vegetable harvested from none other than a… fern. Highly sought after and used by chefs in the springtime—it’s a rare find and when they finds their way onto your plate, gobble them up! 


Meet the fiddlehead pizza of your dreams!

Brooklyn’s Emily is serving up an incredible pie designed by their chef, Max Blachman. Emily’s fiddlehead pizza comes with 2 types of cheeses, pecorino and crescenza—crescenza which is a very soft stracchino similar to robiola (think brie) is incredibly creamy and mild to taste. Next Max adds fiddleheads, guanciale, and roasted onion petals that will leave you smiling cheek to cheek. He roasts the onions for about an hour in the wood-fired oven with rice bran oil. He then makes a point to save the onion oil to make a vinaigrette with white balsamic vinegar that finishes the pizza after it is been baked.

Go ahead, get this pizza while you can because once the fiddleheads are gone, it’s another year before you can enjoy them. Emily, 919 Fulton St, Brooklyn

Miriam Weiskind is a professional pizza enthusiast & tour guide for Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC educating, writing about and tasting pizza all around NYC and beyond!

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