• NYC Pizza Crawl: A Patsy’s Pizzeria Affair

    Last weekend I kicked off the 2nd ever NYC Pizza Crawl. Switching up the boroughs, we tackled Manhattan to do a Patsy’s pizza crawl. Beginning with the first Patsy’s in East Harlem, then making our way to two other locations so that runners could learn a thing or two. (more…)

  • My Tour of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

    When it comes to picking the perfect pizzeria to give a short, brief history lesson on pizza, it is key to pick one that will offer variety. The main event of my pizza crawl (or as my friend kept calling her “pizza party”) was at Tony Gemignani’s pizzeria, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana located in the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach. What most people know of this pizzeria is that it is regarded as one of the hardest to get into and one of San Francisco’s finest. What most people may not realize, is that Tony’s doesn’t serve a specific signature style pizza, but they offer a tour of the styles found all around the world. (more…)

  • The Epic Hot Weather Slice

    It’s a blazing 95° in New York City right now and I refuse to not eat pizza. Like the eskimo who eats ice cream in his igloo, I’m the pizza enthusiast that eats pizza in the heat of the day. While this may seem like a complicated thing to master, it’s all about assessing what would make the ideal 95° pizza slice. (more…)

  • 2013 NYC Food & Wine Festival: Many Slices of Heaven

    I had the great fortune of getting horribly drunk on pizza at this year NYC Food & Wine Festival. To answer your first question, yes, it is entirely possible to get drunk on pizza and the hangover that follows the next day can be brutal.

    The premise of the event worked something like this: unlimited everything and by everything I mean: pizza, small Italian teaser apps, wine, beer and desserts that should be considered illegal. I began my adventure around 4:15 and went until the very last minutes of the 3hr event. When you are in pizza heaven, you want it to last as long as possible. (more…)

  • 2013 NYC Pizza Run: VICTORY!

    I spend my entire year typically training for and racing triathlons, however, when all said and done, only one race really matters in my mind and it’s the NYC Pizza Run. To most people, the idea of running while eating pizza sounds about as appetizing as chugging a bottle of Pepto out of pure thirst. To me, it is the single most defining moment of the season. It is my moment to demonstrate to NYC that I was truly born to do two things: 1. run and 2. eat pizza.

    This year marked my third time competing in the NYC Pizza run and I had to defend my title wins from 2011 and 2012. Being that I am the Queen of Pizza, the pressure was mounting as I soon learned friends wanted to toe the line and give me a run for my money. Little did they know that I had a winning strategy taught to me by a training buddy, Jonathan Blyer.