Buy This Book: Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box

My mentor, Scott Wiener just released his first published book, Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box. As any person would assume, people who are obsessed with pizza, are obsessed with all things pizza-related. Wiener, who runs Scott’s Pizza Tours, has the world’s largest collection of pizza boxes. Working with Melville House, his collection has now found a home that takes up far less space than the boxes do in his Brooklyn apartment. There’s far more to a pizza box than the fact that it holds pizza. Wiener goes into detail to explain all of the intricacies behind the design of not just art on the box, but the construction as well.

Since the origins of to-go pizza, pizzerias and pizza chains have taken great pride in covering take-out boxes with captivating designs. They’ve also wrestled with the best way to manufacture a box that can keep a pizza both hot and stable. Included are international designs, corporate designs, and dozens of quirky images produced by and for mom-and-pop pizzerias. He has spent 10yrs collecting these boxes.

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    Mirm- When will you start designing pizza boxes?! So up your ally! Great looking book. I think I might add it to my Xmas gift giving list for peeps this year–great coffee table book!

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